Fraud Protection for Voice Networks and Systems

Keeping Your Telecommunication Infrastructure In Check

Telecommunications Consulting & Security LLC provides fraud detection and prevention services to corporate and business clients. We are experts in identifying and closing illegal points of entry into corporate telecommunications infrastructure, including voice networks, PBXs, and voice mail systems.

We work with clients to identify potential points of entry by conducting a comprehensive audit of your voice network, PBXs, and voice mail systems. Once we identify where hacking or fraud may take place, we work with you to close all potential points of entry into your voice networks and systems. We also study your network to identify internal abuse by employees, which can substantially increase your annual phone bills.

We then provide real-time, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year monitoring and detection of those networks and systems. If your network, PBX, or voice mail systems are penetrated or hacked, our real-time monitoring immediately identifies the breach and within minutes takes steps to terminate the intrusion and or prevent further intrusion.